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FTX released updated notes on Ethereum merger. FTX will suspend the deposit and withdrawal of native ETH and ERC-20 tokens about half an hour before the Bellatrix consensus layer upgrade (Beacon Chain epoch 144896: September 06, 2022 11:34:47 UTC) and the Paris execution layer upgrade.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko updated the content of the Ethereum Core Developers Conference, saying that the Ethereum testnet Sepolia was originally planned to be upgraded at block height 1735371 on August 17. Since some validators are offline, it is now expected to be upgraded around August 21.

In the article, Andrey Sergeenkov, an independent researcher in the cryptocurrency space, said that, contrary to what most people think, TheMerge will not change Ethereum’s gas fees. It did not expand network capacity nor provide a more efficient transaction structure.