Press Release

Influential figures such as heads of global funds, government officials, investors, business owners and promising startups come together in Dubai to shape the future of cryptocurrencies at the 11th International Blockchain Life Forum on October 24-25 in Dubai, Festival Arena. 

Jur, the upcoming Polkadot parachain building the DAO 2.0 stack, invites founders to pitch their Startup Society ideas to notable figures from Web3, including Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Ed Hesse (Energy Web), and Trent McConaghy (Ocean Protocol) for a chance to win a share of the USD 10,000 grand prize, along with the opportunity to launch their Startup Society through a dedicated grant program.

The yet-to-be-launched Wafini NFT Marketplace which is slated to launch in beta on Cardano main net before the end of Q4 2022 has seen 20% of its allotted seed tokens swopped up by early adopters just a few days into the sale.