Author: Simon Lawson

Simon Lawson has been a professional financial reporter for 6 years. He has in-depth research on the crypto industry and will release major crypto news in a timely manner.

BTC Futures and ETH Futures Fell in November

The data shows that BTC futures and ETH futures generally fell in November, among which the open interest of Bitcoin futures fell by 16.1%, and the open interest of Ethereum futures fell by as much as 40%.

ECB: Bitcoin Should Not Be Legalized

The ECB stated that Bitcoin is neither suitable as a payment system nor as a form of investment, so it should be considered unsuitable in terms of regulation and therefore should not be legalized.

Crypto Tax Talks Gain Attention in EU

Crypto tax talks are climbing the European Union’s agenda as speakers at a tax seminar in Brussels highlighted the need to crack down on cryptocurrency tax avoidance.